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Penguin's Soap Box

A Day Without A Good Rant Is Like A Day Without Chocolate (or GLAM!)

15 March 1964
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I am a Historical Consultant/Freelance Writer/Professional House & Pet Sitter (for high-profile people)/Part-Time Gothic Model who is very involved with issues like the environment, animal rights, and the LGBTQ community. I am heavily involved with the Democratic Party, and consider myself to be a Progressive Liberal. I also am very opinionated, and don't mind saying so (hence my LJ's title Penguin's Soapbox)! You know the old saying: Everyone Is Entitled To MY Opinion? Well, that's me! In reality I do have an open mind, and will always listen to others. If I find myself to be wrong, I will admit it and then change my beliefs to follow such truths. All my political statements are based on actual facts and figures. However, my spiritual, ethereal and philosophical view points are simply my own beliefs, and I don't expect everyone else to agree with them. I am a rabid reader, music appreciator, history lover, fanfic freak (Velvet Goldmine, Lambliff, Harry Potter) and computer geek, but am usually too busy to do much Blogging--go figure!!! Oh yeah, and my nickname is, of course, Penguin (or VampiricPenguin in certain circles). Any fans of Velvet Goldmine, Velvet Goldmine fanfic, Adam Lambert, Lambliff, Adommy, Harry Potter fanfic, Ewan McGregor, Lady Gaga, Glam, Glee, etc...feel free to add me! Thanks!

velvet goldmine 1998 Pictures, Images and Photos

Velvet Goldmine Pictures, Images and Photos

velvet goldmine Pictures, Images and Photos

天鹅绒金矿 Velvet Goldmine cover 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

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